Vascular Lesion Removal

Vascular lesions, widely known as spider veins or port wine stains, are minor forms of varicose veins that are blue and red in appearance. These blemishes appear directly under the skin’s surface and are a sign of aging, sun exposure, genetics, and hormones. Although harmless, many patients seek vascular lesion removal to remove unsightly veins and reveal clearer, younger-looking skin.

Laser treatment works best on spider veins less than 1 millimeter in width. ExtINKtion delivers safe and effective removal of unwanted vascular lesions using our advanced laser technologies.

How It Works

During a treatment, our Astanza ReSmooth laser will direct short pulses of light energy onto the unwanted lesion. The blood vessels in your skin absorb the light energy, coagulate and collapse, successfully cutting off blood flow without harming the surrounding skin tissue.  Over the weeks following treatment, the unwanted vascular lesions will break down and become less visible.

Where Can I
Get Treatment?

Spider veins form on various parts of the body but are most commonly found on the face and legs. Vascular lesion laser treatment at ExtINKtion can be performed on all parts of the body.

How Long Does
Treatment Take?

Vascular lesion removal is a very quick procedure that lasts anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes depending on the size and number of lesions being treated. Most patients see significant results after 2 to 3 treatments.

Aftercare & Recovery Steps

The weeks following your treatment, your vascular lesion may leave a bruise. Some patients may experience slight discoloration or redness of the skin. These side effects typically heal and return to normal in a few weeks. Patients are encouraged to exercise and stay active to prevent additional vascular lesions from forming.

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