Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the only noninvasive method that can safely and effectively eliminate unwanted ink. Tattoo creams, salabrasion, dermabrasion, excision, and injections are alternative methods that are either ineffective, harmful, painful, and almost always result in scarring. ExtINKtion uses advanced laser technology and the safest protocols to ensure your skin receives the best treatment and even better results.

How Tattoo Removal Works

When a tattoo is injected into the skin, a needle injects large ink particles into the skin’s dermal layer. Upon impact, your body’s immune system sends phagocytes, bacteria eating cells, to remove the foreign ink particles and heal the puncture wound. The phagocytes actively scrape away at the large ink particles, but the size and deep placement of the ink particles make it difficult for your immune system to break them down. Instead, the ink particles become embedded in your skin which is why tattoos are considered permanent. However, the phagocytes continuously work away at the ink particles, causing your tattoo to progressively fade and lose color over the span of many years.


Laser tattoo removal speeds up the natural fading process by breaking up the ink particles into fragments that are small enough for the phagocytes to consume. During a treatment, our Duality laser will emit ultra-quick flashes of light energy onto the tattooed skin. The light energy will penetrate deep into your skin and target only the ink particles without harming your surrounding skin tissue. The ink particles will absorb the light energy, heat up, and shatter into small fragments that are then engulfed by your immune system and flushed out naturally.


Over a series of treatments, our laser will continue to break down the ink particles, making it easier for your immune system to remove your tattoo. Virtually every patient will require multiple treatments depending on their desired outcome. Patients interested in lightening a tattoo for cover-up will need fewer treatments than a patient interested in completely removing their tattoo.


To schedule your free consultation and get one step closer to removing your unwanted tattoo, call ExtINKtion today!


Before starting treatment, it’s important to know the answers to your questions. Review our frequently asked questions to see how Laser Tattoo Removal can benefit you!

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Our laser acts as an assistant to your immune system by breaking up the ink in your skin using advanced wavelength light technology. Once the laser breaks up the ink into small particles, your immune system naturally removes the ink through the lymphatic system. Multiple treatments are needed to achieve significant fading and complete removal. Visit our tattoo removal overview page for more information.

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients require 5 to 10 treatments for complete removal. Patients with faded tattoos or those interested in lightening their tattoo for a cover-up may only need 3 to 4 treatments. ExtINKtion uses a variety of factors to assess your tattoo and best determine the number of treatments your unique tattoo will need. These factors include:

  • Age of tattoo
  • Location of tattoo
  • Size of tattoo
  • Patient skin type
  • Tattoo colors
  • Ink density
  • Ink depth
  • Patient health
  • Pre-existing scarring
Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Depending on your pain tolerance, laser tattoo removal can feel like a rubber band snapping against your skin or it can feel like getting a tattoo applied all over again. Luckily, laser tattoo removal takes a fraction of the time it takes to get a tattoo. Depending on the size of the tattoo being treated, treatments take as little as 1 to 30 minutes. Furthermore, ExtINKtion uses the Zimmer Cryo cooling device to completely numb the skin before, DURING, and after your treatment session.

How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

It’s difficult to assign pricing without assessing a tattoo in person. That is why ExtINKtion offers FREE laser tattoo removal consultations for new and existing clients. During your consultation, we will assess your tattoo and categorize it by size. We will then assign you a price per treatment based on the size of your tattoo. Treatment packages and special discounts are available and designed to save you more.

Are there any complications or side effects from laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal is the safest method for getting rid of an unwanted tattoo. The most common side effects patients may experience are blistering, scabbing, redness, swelling, itchiness, and hypo/hyperpigmentation. All of these side effects are temporary, natural reactions to the laser. Patients are encouraged to apply proper aftercare to their skin after each treatment to promote fast healing and flawless results. ExtINKtion uses the safest protocols to ensure you receive the best care.

I have darker skin, is laser tattoo removal safe for me?

While other clinics may not be able to treat darker skin types, ExtINKtion can! Our Astanza Duality is specifically engineered to safely treat patients of all skin types, no matter how light or how dark. Our laser uses a special flat top homogenized profile beam for safer energy application on darker skin types, producing better results and reducing risks of adverse side effects.

My tattoo has vibrant green and blue colors, can you remove those?

Certain tattoo colors are easier to remove than others. In fact, contrary to popular belief, black ink is the easiest color to remove by laser. Bright blue and green colors like lime green, turquoise, and teal require a special laser wavelength that few clinics support. Aside from these colors, ExtINKtion is able to remove 95% of tattoo ink colors and can significantly fade tattoos with blue and green colors.

I’m interested in getting a cover-up tattoo. Can you lighten my existing tattoo?

Yes! Laser tattoo removal is very helpful for cover-up tattoos. In most cases, cover-up tattoos require double the amount of ink and twice the size of the desired new artwork in order to completely conceal the original tattoo. These can be difficult for tattoo artists and can also limit the amount of designs you want for your new piece. By lightening a tattoo, your tattoo artist will have more flexibility with their design and you will have more creative options with your new tattoo.

I love my tattoo but not the name in it. Can you remove that specific part?

Absolutely. Our Duality laser is very precise and can target specific parts of a tattoo while leaving the surrounding ink intact. Ask your laser technician about selective tattoo removal at ExtINKtion.

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