Tattoo Removal Technology

The best tattoo removal results start with Grand Forks’ most advanced laser, the Astanza Duality. The Duality is trusted by leading tattoo removal providers around the world and exclusively at ExtINKtion because of its superior results and fast treatment times.

The Astanza Duality

This state-of-the-art Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is designed specifically to penetrate deep into the skin and target unwanted ink particles without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. The Duality is an industry-leading tattoo removal laser with dual wavelength capabilities. The Duality’s 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths target and effectively remove a wide range of tattoo ink colors. These wavelengths paired with the Duality’s ultra-short pulse durations and high peak power create optimal ink shattering and faster ink clearance per treatment.

The Duality also features a homogenized square spot beam shape. This design allows for safer energy application, reduced treatment overlap, and fewer risks of side effects. While the Duality is safe to treat all skin types, its square spot beam shape makes laser tattoo removal the best option for patients with darker skin types.

ExtINKtion uses customized protocols for each patient to ensure your skin receives the best results in the fewest amount of treatments. Our attention to detail, superior Duality technology, and expertly-trained staff will give you the removal solution you’ve been dreaming of! Call our Grand Forks clinic today to schedule your free consultation.

The Zimmer Cryo

If fear of pain is the only thing stopping you from getting rid of your unwanted tattoo (which is the case for many), then we’ve got good news for you! ExtINKtion has invested in the Zimmer Cryo cooling device – the #1 skin numbing solution for laser treatments!

When it comes to laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, or any other laser treatment, many patients tend to worry about the laser sensation. Pain responses to laser tattoo removal vary by a patient’s pain tolerance, however, most patients say laser tattoo removal is comparable to getting a rubber band snapped against the skin.

No matter your pain tolerance, ExtINKtion believes every patient should go into each treatment worry-free. Our Zimmer Cryo system isn’t like ice packs that wear off during treatment, or numbing creams that take forever to take effect, or lidocaine injections that require a shot to the arm. The Zimmer Cryo is a gold standard numbing solution that is noninvasive, extremely effective, and fast acting!

So how does it work? The Zimmer Cryo emits freezing cold air (-30ºC) through a long flexible hose that is directed at the treatment site. The best feature of this device is that it can numb the skin before, DURING, and after your treatment! It only takes a few minutes to successfully numb the skin for treatment.

Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about the Cryo and feel its effects yourself!


The DESCRIBE Patch is a square of silicone infused with perfluorodecalin (PFD) – a completely inert, harmless liquid that allows your doctor to treat your tattoo several times with the laser in a single treatment session. Not only does the Patch allow up to 4X as many laser passes per visit compared to conventional treatment, it also helps the laser reach ink particles deep within the skin, which may be particularly beneficial for older tattoos.

There are several good reasons to use the Patch.

A tattoo may clear more quickly with the Patch than without it. Because more laser passes are possible with the Patch, fewer office visits may be needed, so you save time.

The Patch absorbs laser energy that could otherwise damage your skin.

Patients experience less pain, redness and swelling after treatment with the Patch. Less injury may mean you will be able to schedule your next treatment sooner.

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