Tattoo Removal Pricing

All laser tattoo removal consultations are free of charge. We use your consultation to assess your tattoo, familiarize you with the treatment, and determine the number of treatments your unique tattoo will need. We’ll then customize a treatment plan for you and determine the overall cost of your treatment.


ExtINKtion laser tattoo removal pricing is dependent on a few factors:

1. The size of the tattoo being treated

2. Paying per session or purchasing a package of treatments

3. If you qualify for a discount


1″ x 1″

The Size of a Postage Stamp or Smaller


2″ x 2″

The Size of a Business Card


4″ x 4″

The Size of Your Palm


6″ x 6″

The Size of Both Hands Placed Together


8″ x 8″+

Half Sleeves & Other XL

Treatment Packages & Discounts

We determine the cost per treatment session based on the size of the tattoo being treated. You may choose to pay per session or purchase one of the following treatment packages up-front to save more. Our Astanza Duality is designed to eliminate more ink with each session, reducing the number of overall treatments needed and saving you more money overall!

Treatment Packages and Discounts

10% off 3-Treatment Package

15% off 5-Treatment Package

20% off 8+-Treatment Package

Military Discount: Active and Veteran military members receive 10% off each treatment with proof of identification

Referal Discount: Receive $50 off your next treatment when you refer a friend and they book a treatment

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