Pigmented Lesion Removal

Pigmented lesions, also known as brown spots or sun spots, are common skin blemishes that are a sign of aging or caused by excessive sun exposure. Freckles, age spots, birthmarks, and liver spots are common discolorations on the skin that are experienced by almost everyone. In general, these blemishes are referred to as pigmented lesions.

While most pigmented lesions are easy to ignore, many people seek laser treatment to remove unwanted brown spots for a more youthful complexion. ExtINKtion provides fast, easy, and effective removal of unwanted pigmented lesions using our advanced laser technologies.

While most pigmented lesions are benign, some may be indications for cancer. ExtINKtion highly recommends patients to schedule a physician or dermatologist examination before starting laser treatment.

How It Works

During a treatment, our Astanza Duality laser will direct short pulses of light energy onto the unwanted lesion. The pigment/melanin in your skin will absorb the light energy and shatter. Your body then removes the shattered pigment, sometimes creating a scab that will naturally heal and flake off. Over the weeks following your treatment, the old melanin cells will be replaced with new skin cells, revealing radiant skin.

Where Can I
Get Treatment?

Most age spots appear on the face, hands, and neck, as these body areas receive the most sun exposure. However, pigmented lesion removal can be performed on all parts of the body.

How Long Does
Treatment Take?

Pigmented lesion removal is a very quick procedure that lasts a matter of second to a couple of minutes depending on how many lesions are treated. Most patients only need 1 to 2 treatments for complete removal.

Aftercare & Recovery Steps

The weeks following your treatment, your pigmented lesion may begin to scab. Let the scab heal naturally, do NOT pick the scab. Doing so can lead to unwanted infection. Once the scab flakes off, apply sunscreen daily to prevent additional lesions from forming.

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