Monday, May 13th

Another week beginning here at Extinktion!Plenty of time slots open for whatever type of treatment you desire!Give us a call at (701) 757-1555 or book online here:

Treatment Special

Time to take advantage of our current special!We are offering a free session with the purchase of two sessions upfront.There are no appointments booked today, come in and see what we can do for you!

PFD Patch Treatment

Another PFD treatment in the books! The PFD Patch allows us to work in 3-4 treatments at one time. This is especially helpful for our clients looking to enlist in the military. Results will be posted in about a week or two once the skin has had time to heal.Thanks for...

Hello From Extinktion!

We will be updating our blog a couple times a week to keep you updated on deals, new technology, progress on current treatments, and more! We understand that laser treatments can seem daunting, our intention is to inform you just how effective and efficient they can...